Practical solutions in a small wooden house for everyone

Small mobile homes are becoming more and more popular, both as summer houses that can be placed on any plot, and as a year-round place of residence. Their undoubted charm attracts not only nature lovers, but also those who are looking for practical solutions in a compact space. Let’s take a look at what practical solutions in a small wooden house affect its functionality. Here are the three most important aspects worth paying attention to when furnishing a house.

Bathroom equipment. Bathtub or shower?

The choice between a bathtub and a shower often depends on the individual preferences of the owner and the space available in the house. In the case of small areas, a shower is usually more functional because it does not sacrifice comfort and saves valuable space. However, for people who value evening moments of relaxation in a hot bath, a small bathtub may be a very attractive option. The only important thing is its proper setting and dimensions.

When making a decision regarding the arrangement of the bathroom, it should be adapted to our personal preferences, without succumbing to the persuasion or advice of other people. After all, we will be using this space on a daily basis!

Electric heaters or gas heating?

In a wooden house, especially if it is to be used as a year-round home, the issue of heating should be carefully considered. We can choose from, for example:

  • energy-saving electric heaters (convectors),
  • gas heating (stove + radiators).

Convector heaters are effective and easy to install, and their regulation allows for precise adjustment of the temperature in individual rooms. In the case of gas heating, we must not forget to regularly inspect the installation and the furnace for our own safety.

Our location will be key when making your choice. If we plan to build a wooden house in a warmer place, perhaps instead of heating, air conditioning will be useful ? You can’t forget about this to be able to enjoy beautiful, sunny days!

Window protection. Internal or external roller blinds?

Internal and external roller blinds are not only a decorative addition, but also perform an important practical function. External blinds protect against excessive sunlight and heating of rooms on hot days, and also provide some privacy. Modern models allow you to ensure complete darkness in the room, also during the day.

Internal blinds regulate the flow of light into the house and ensure privacy for its inhabitants. There is nothing stopping a wooden house from being equipped with both types of blinds.

It is also worth considering other options. If the climate in which we intend to build a house is characterized by summer temperatures and frequent attacks by flies and insects, you should purchase mosquito nets . Installing mosquito nets on windows and doors will ensure a comfortable stay inside the house, protecting against insects. Thanks to this, we will be able to enjoy fresh air without worrying about pesky insects.

For decoration, we can use fake shutters . Although they will not fulfill any practical function, they definitely add charm to the wooden house, giving it a rustic character.

Practical solutions in a small wooden house – summary

To sum up, practical solutions in a small wooden house  allow for maximum use of this small space and comfortable use, both in summer and winter. The choice between various options regarding, for example, bathroom equipment, window and door arrangement, or equipping the house with heating or air conditioning, depends on the individual needs and preferences of users, as well as local weather conditions. Choosing the right solutions will allow you to enjoy the charms of a wooden house for many years.

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