Practical solutions in a new mobile home

Mobile homes are becoming more and more popular, both as a place of permanent residence and as an alternative to traditional summer houses. However, when deciding to live in such a small space, it is important to find practical solutions that will provide us with great comfort and functionality. Below you will find some proven ideas for practical solutions in a new mobile home.

Multifunctional furnitre and interesting spatial solutions

The comfort level of the subsequent use of the mobile home begins at the purchase stage. When choosing furniture for a new mobile home, it is worth choosing multifunctional models that can be easily transformed depending on your needs. A sofa with built-in storage for linen, a fold-out bed with additional storage space or a table that can be folded to save space – these are just some examples.

Moreover, it is worth using every available space, e.g. under the bed, by installing shelves or cabinets for storage. It is also worth considering – especially at the initial stage of purchase – what size we are interested in. Wooden houses vary in size, but an additional 5 or 10 m2 is sometimes really beneficial!

Optimal use of the kitchen

In a new mobile home, the kitchen often takes up little space, so it is important to use it optimally. It is worth investing in multifunctional devices. In addition, you can use solutions such as suspended shelves or holders for kitchen utensils to make maximum use of the available space.

Additionally, when moving into a house, you should carefully consider whether you really need all the kitchen utensils and take with you only those that you actually use every day. There is no point in cluttering up an already small space with a second toaster or a set of dishes that we won’t use anyway.

Practical solutions in a new mobile home – bathroom

A bathroom in a mobile home must also be functional and adapted to a very limited space. It is worth considering installing a shower instead of a bathtub, which will significantly save space. In addition, it is worth choosing compact sanitary facilities, such as a toilet with a built-in bidet, and installing a mirror with a built-in cabinet for cosmetics and bathroom accessories. Additionally, the mirror will visually enlarge the bathroom.

A comfortable outdoor relaxation area

Despite the limited space inside, the mobile home can have a comfortable outdoor relaxation area. This can be achieved by installing a small terrace or veranda where you can place comfortable garden furniture, a hammock or just a regular table with chairs. Such a place will be perfect for relaxing outdoors, while expanding the living space of the house. This will work especially well in places where the sun reigns most of the year.

Aesthetics is equally important!

Of course, functionality is not everything. Certainly, many users also care about aesthetics. The new mobile homes are very simple in their form and it must be admitted that they are far from large villas or elegant apartment buildings… However, there are ways to enrich the aesthetics of a wooden house. It is worth ensuring that the colors and finishing style are consistent with each other. We then get the impression of cleanliness and minimalism. For example: the door finish should match, for example, the roof, the same as shutters should match windows, etc.


When living in a mobile home, it is crucial to use the available space in a functional and practical way. Thanks to the use of multifunctional furniture or good space planning, you can make your new mobile home a comfortable place to live, despite its limited size. Good luck!

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