Mobile home and building permit

The real estate market is changing dynamically. However, one thing remains unchanged: when building or buying a house, the number of formalities and paperwork can make new owners feel dizzy… Fortunately, there are other, alternative ways to live in a beautiful place, without having to wait long and deal with official matters. One of them is the purchase of a small mobile home. How is this even possible? Check whether a mobile home and a building permit are required? Why can it save us both time and money?

What is a mobile home?

Let’s start with the basics. A mobile home is a small, portable house that can be easily transported from place to place. Thanks to the hook installed in it, towing it is child’s play and allows you to place it anywhere.

A mobile home is an increasingly popular form of housing, both among people looking for alternative (and cheaper!) housing solutions and among lovers of the so-called nomad life, who value freedom, freedom and independence . Interestingly, a mobile home can be used as a permanent place of residence, and not only as a summer residence or holiday home. Thanks to proper adaptation, it can be used all year round and be as functional as a flat, house or apartment.

Mobile home and building permit – is it necessary?

In many cases, a building permit is necessary. For example: when building a detached house, we must report to the appropriate office and obtain such consent, providing reliable information about our construction intentions and investment details. In many countries, this applies not only to the construction, but also to the expansion or reconstruction of an existing building.

This obligation rests not only on private individuals, but also on developers and investors. Detailed guidelines regarding building permits should be found in the regulations governing construction law in force in a given country.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule…

Say goodbye to formalities: no need for a building permit!

One of the biggest advantages of a mobile home is the fact that it does not require a building permit. Of course, to be sure of the situation in a given country, you should research the legal provisions in force in the country where you intend to locate your house. Most often, however, small buildings, e.g. those with an area of ​​up to 35 m2, will not be subject to the obligation to obtain a building permit. Moreover, the very fact of mobility (i.e. lack of permanent attachment to one place) will also speak in our favor. Instead, in many cases, it is enough to simply report the purchase of a mobile home to the appropriate office.

Benefits of not having a building permit

Not having to obtain a building permit for mobile homes brings a number of benefits. The most important of them are:

  1. Eliminating the need to obtain a building permit speeds up the entire process, which allows you to start using your new mobile home faster, basically right after its purchase and installation;
  2. Due to the fact that the regulations allow for the lack of building consent, we also avoid fees related to obtaining a permit. This reduces the costs of the entire investment, which may be important for people with a limited budget;
  3. The lack of formalities related to a building permit also gives greater flexibility in planning and implementing the project.


A mobile home is an attractive alternative to traditional forms of housing, and the lack of the need to obtain a building permit additionally makes it an even more tempting choice for many people. Speed ​​of handling the matter, flexibility and lower costs are just some of the benefits. Finding your own place, wherever it is, becomes easier than ever before! It is worth considering purchasing a mobile home as an interesting and cheaper solution!

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