How to transport a small mobile home?

A small mobile home is becoming more and more popular. First of all, due to their dimensions, as portable, functional, cozy and ready-to-live places. It gains the sympathy of both people who are close to vanlife and the proximity of nature, as well as lovers of a quiet, idyllic life. One of the greatest advantages of charming houses is the unlimited possibility of easy transport. Thanks to its special construction, transporting a small mobile home becomes extremely simple and convenient. Thanks to this, it can be placed anywhere in the world, and its owner can change its location many times, without being tied anywhere permanently. Learn how to transport a small mobile home and enjoy full comfort wherever you want to move with it.

Why has the tiny mobile home become so popular?

Small mobile homes have won the hearts of many enthusiasts of living away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Their popularity is due to several key factors. First of all, they are compact, functional and comfortable. At the same time, they offer a cozy interior that meets the needs of both singles and couples, and are more economical than traditional houses in terms of purchase costs and subsequent maintenance. Secondly, the mobility of these houses makes it possible to change the location at will. Which attracts people who value independence and freedom.

How to transport a small mobile home?

What makes a small mobile home so easy to transport? First of all, its specific structure and parameters, which include:

  1. Double axles – they are a key element that allows easy and stable movement of the small mobile home. Thanks to them, these houses have increased stability on the road, which translates into safety during each transport.
  2. Rear tow hook – the presence of a rear tow hook is another advantage of small mobile homes. It allows for easy adaptation to various towing vehicles and facilitates maneuvering when attaching and detaching the house.
  3. Dimensions – the small dimensions and weight of the mobile home make it easy to transport. Attention! It is worth remembering that the houses come in various widths and lengths. Even the larger dimensions allow for easy transport.

How to transport a small mobile home safely?

Every owner of a small mobile home is concerned about ensuring that it is not damaged in any way during transportation. How to prepare for this? Here are some proven tips!

Before transporting, make sure that all elements of the house are properly secured . Close windows, secure doors, and check whether all internal equipment is properly fastened. Before setting off on a long journey, also make sure that the towbar is properly connected.

Of course, we cannot forget about safe driving and caution on the road. When transporting a small mobile home, adjust your speed to the road conditions. Remember that moving with a house on a hook requires greater attention to road conditions – after all, we are carrying an object up to 12 meters long behind us! It is worth keeping an appropriate distance from other vehicles and not charging at speed. However, these are standard rules for driving on the road. Thanks to the appropriate adaptation to transport, mobile homes do not cause any major problems.


Small mobile homes are not only charming and inviting, but also extremely practical. They give you the opportunity to travel without having to give up your own, cozy place. They are definitely more comfortable than campers and cheaper than traditional apartments and houses. This is what makes them a solution that is gaining a lot of supporters all over the world.

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